We pride ourselves on curating unexpected and unforgettable experiences focused around creating a connection to the natural beauty and bounty of our Hidden Valley of Enchantment. We celebrate each season with thoughtfully crafted, farm fresh meals; curated adventures, and gatherings that welcome everyone to the table.

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Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn

Friday, December 9, 2022 at 7:00pm

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn

Saturday, December 17, 2022, 5:00pm

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn

Saturday, December 31, 2022, 7:00pm

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn

Friday, January 20 – Sunday, 22, 2023


We work to support our local community by connecting our offerings to the bounty of the valley. We strive to highlight the beautiful ingredients being grown right here in Cuyama, and our neighboring cities, in all of our culinary programs. We pride ourselves on curating unforgettable experiences centered around seasonal meals that let these beautiful, local ingredients speak for themselves, as well as opportunities for everyone to be a part of the culinary process from sourcing to cooking to celebrating over a shared meal.

We believe that localizing our food system and educating our greater community about the amazing benefits and importance of sourcing locally is an imperative step in creating a sustainable future and we invite you to join the table. 

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn


Interested in learning about our Artist in Residence program? Email kiana@cuyamabuckhorn.com to learn more!

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn


For our first artist-in-residence we welcomed artist and designer Kim Sutherland. During the summer of 2019, she completed a book about Cuyama, the second of a rural community series. The first book was created from Kim’s time in Joseph, Oregon.

This second book, titled Rural Issue 2: New Cuyama, California, is a compilation of 12 interviews with local Cuyama residents, including iconic and influential members of our community, many of whom have been in Cuyama for decades. The book also features photographs of the interviewees taken by Sutherland.

View Kim’s work here.

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn


In June 2021, we hosted artists Clay Hickson & Liana Jegers to join us to experience New Cuyama for the first time. During their stay, Liana made a series of postcards inspired by the daily happenings of the area (the roosters in the morning, the shade in the afternoon, the bees pollinating the olive trees, the night sky). Meanwhile, Clay worked on an original illustration inspired by the Cuyama Valley wildflowers during the spring season which we turned into 18 x 24″ posters.

Along with the postcards and poster, New Cuyama was featured in the June 2021 Issue of The Smudge, Clay and Liana’s co-designed monthly newspaper. “Travel Diary: New Cuyama” by Clay Hickson includes a cultivation of Clay’s inspiration and discovery in the Hidden Valley.

View Clay’s work here & Liana’s work here.

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn


Artist and designer Danielle Hutchens joined us for her artist-in-residence stay this past spring 2022. Danielle spent all week in the high desert gently and respectfully sourcing soil, stones, and botanicals, to create natural pigments from Cuyama’s offerings.

Screen printed here in New Cuyama by High Desert Print Co., Danielle used this natural color palette to create custom designed bandanas featuring a Cuyama inspired abstract print.

View Danielle’s work here.

Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn


4923 Primero Street

New Cuyama, CA 93254

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Cuyama Buckhorn in California
Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn
Happenings, Cuyama Buckhorn

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