Since 1952, Cuyama Buckhorn has been a much-loved roadside stop where travelers can enjoy a meal in good company and rest up before continuing on their journey. More than 60 years later, Cuyama Buckhorn remains an historic establishment and a local gem.

Ferial Sadeghian and Jeff Vance, business partners and architects, purchased the property in March of 2018. They are working to revitalize the property and highlight the history of Cuyama Buckhorn and the Cuyama Valley. They are restoring the mid-century style of the property and sourcing food, drink, and merchandise from local partners. The full renovation will feature a new lobby, event and meeting spaces, a glistening new pool, and more. Our newest addition, The Buck Stop Coffee Shop, has partnered with Verve Coffee Roasters to bring California-roasted coffee to Cuyama.