Lockwood Valley Road

Good for those coming to us on the I-5

Exit the I-5 at Frasier Mountain Park Road and head west through Frasier Park. In about 10 minutes, you'll take a left turn onto Lockwood Valley Road. Stay on this gorgeous mountain road for some of the most incredible scenery you'll get from inside a car. When you come to the T-intersection at the end, hang a right on 33 and then a left on 166, you'll be at The Buckhorn in no time. 

If you are heading to Lockwood Valley from The Buckhorn, head east on 166 to the 33. Take the 33 about 20 minutes and then turn left onto Lockwood Valley Road. Stay on Lockwood until you get to Frasier Mountain Park Road and turn slightly right to head towards the I-5, or left to loop back on another scenic drive toward 166 (via Forest Route 95).* 


Take the scenic route from Ojai or Ventura

Take the 33 from Ventura or Ojai to reach us. Turn off from the 101 in Ventura, and you'll be chowing down on a Buckhorn Burger in less than two hours. 

Forest Route 95

If you're interested in California condors

Forest Route 95 is a worthwhile detour for those guests coming to us from the I-5, though its slightly longer than Lockwood Valley. Get off the I-5 at Frasier Park, and keep going as Frasier Mountain Park Road turns into Cuddy Valley Road and then into Forest Route 95 on a hairpin turn. It takes you through Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, home to the endangered California Condor and spits you out on 166. Turn left and head on down towards us.*

* These are mountain roads; Caution while driving these routes during inclement weather; may be obstructed by flooding, mudslides, or rockslides.