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Cuyama Buckhorn is a timeless roadside restaurant & inn in the heart of California’s high desert within Santa Barbara County, where community, locally-inspired food, and artistry flourish.



4923 Primero Street
New Cuyama, CA 93254


Monday – Thursday | 10am – 2pm
Friday – Saturday | 8am – 9pm
Sunday | 8am – 6pm








4923 Primero Street
New Cuyama, CA 93254

We're on the 166, 10 minutes west of where it meets the 33. You can't miss us, we've got a pretty big sign.

Getting here: 

  • An hour and change from Bakersfield

  • Just under two and half hours from LA

  • Two hours from Santa Barbara

  • An hour and twenty minutes from San Luis Obispo

We have advice on routes to take or listen to google and speed on up. 


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